Terriers Sports

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We are proud to share reflections from our Terriers & Families! 

Nate Freiman,  MLB Oakland A's Player & Duke University Career Home Run record holder: Terriers was such an important part of my life growing up. I made tons of friends, learned a lot about baseball, and had so much fun I looked forward to it in April and the summer every year. It wasn't just me either. Going to Terriers, then continuing as a CIT and Coach, became practically a rite of passage for Wellesley baseball players. There's nothing like it in Wellesley so intertwined with youth sports. It's no coincidence that kids go to Terriers year after year. I've worked at a lot of summer camps.  The people who ran them did their best to put on a fun camp, but I've never seen anything close to the fun, energetic environment of Terriers!

Drew Petzing - Minnesota Vikings Assistant Coach  "My desire to pursure a career in coaching was strongly influenced by the many memorable weeks I spent at Terriers.  I jumped at the opportunity to follow in the steps of the coaches I had looked up to & learned from to give back the great experiences I loved as a kid.  Terriers taught me about sportsmanship & the importance of being part of a team.  Learning those like skills have proved to be extremely important in my life on and off the field."


Stu Porter, Captain, 2011 Wellesley High School Varsity Baseball: Terriers was the highlight of every spring and summer, where I met some of my closest friends, gained a healthy competitive attitude, and just spent the day enjoying the sports I love.  Joe Roberts is an expert for getting all kids, no matter what their skill level might be, excited for a day of athletic events, from "the bucket" to giving them baseball cards for making a great play, or just being a great teammate. Kids were constantly motivated to leave it all on the field.  


Blake Dowling, 2011 Bay State League Basketball MVP, Wellesley High School Varsity Basketball Captain & WHS Varsity Baseball Shortstop: My favorite memory from Terriers is how at the end of each day, there is one game still going on that everyone in camp is watching. It is exciting for everyone. The kids watching get to root for your friends, and as a player, you feel like you are playing on such a big stage. 


Judy-Anne Hereu, Sports Camp & WLL Town Baseball Parent: Both the Terriers Summer camp program and the Summer in town baseball program were AMAZING, from our point of view as parents and directly from all four of my children. All of them claim "this is the best summer ever because of Terriers!"  Everything is so well organized and fun yet very instructional for the children. Thanks for a great Summer!

Jim Carr, Sports Camp Parent: I wanted to pass on some very positive comments on your Terriers Summer Sports Camp.  Our son had been involved in many camps over the past couple of summers including Ten Acre, Linx, Babson, camps in Maine etc.  I wanted to let you know that his clear favorite was Terriers. There was a good balance of fun and skills training.  The camp hit all of his favorite things.  I look forward to enrolling him again next summer. Thanks!


Hillary Pini, Parent, Sports Camp Parent: Terriers is our kid's favorite activity!  Not many places let kids be kids anymore - thank you for that! 


Amy and Steve Apapavassi, Sports Camp Parents: Thanks again for a great week at Terriers!!! I love the sense  of community your program instills!! It is wonderful that your program creates such positive roll models for our children to follow!


Dayna Coakley, WLL Town Baseball Parent: I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Emmett and Will have enjoyed the Town Baseball Program tremendously.  They have already asked if they can play again next summer! From my perspective, I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the way the program is run.  You are so organized, there is no downtime, and, most importantly, all of the counselors are terrific.  They are encouraging, supportive and appear to be in complete control of their respective groups.  Thanks for a terrific month of baseball...we could not have asked for more!  


Jane & Harry Ekblom, Sports Camp Parent: Our son is once again thrilled to come to Terriers!  Thank you for the very positive experience our child has had over the last couple of years.   At Terriers, he always feels a part of a team and every day seems to be a positive experience and I can't thank you and your staff enough!  


Anne & Michael Rosenbloom, Sports Camp Parent: Seth had a fabulous week at Terriers!  It was such a positive experience for him.  He was so enthused about everything, his team, the counselors, the drills and all the games.  We appreciate all the work you put into the program!  


Margaret Loofbourrow, April Vacation Parent: Ryan had an awesome time at Terriers camp during April break!  He came home happy everyday.  Thanks!


Lucy Gardiner, WLL Town Baseball Parent: I just wanted to let you know how much Jack has enjoyed the In Town sessions.  He does not have time to play baseball full time due to soccer commitments, so this has been perfect.Hopefully you will be doing the same next Summer!


Chris Chan, Sports Camp Parent: I want to express my sincerest appreciation for your well run program.  My son had an absolute blast.  Your positive approach and high enthusiasm keeps the kids engaged and happy, and builds their confidence.  I look forward to having Benjamin in another Terriers program.


Ann Jacoby, April Vacation Parent: My kids had an awesome week at camp! Smiles every day and both felt they improved their game--they always look forward to it!  Thanks again!


Katy Wallace, Sports Camp Parent: Thank you again for another great year of Terriers.  William absolutely loves it.  He would go every day of the Summer if we let him.  It is all around a great experience and we think you do a great job.  


Jill Allen, Flag Football Parent: Thank you for this wonderful program. The children are enjoying, the kids helping out are terrific. Informal chat with parents attending also finding this is tremendously fun for all.  Many Many Thanks for this terrific program.


Colby Bruno, Dodgeball Parent, Needham: Nick had such a terrific time that 4 of his friends will be joining next session!  They are all excited.  We are looking forward to signing up again and again!  Thanks!  


Tim Collard, Terriers Alum & 2nd Generation Parent: I liked Terriers growing up, but my daughter Grace LOVES it - I'm sure she's not alone, very impressive what you've built!!


Jill Murphy, Sports Camp Parent: Coming from two kids who have always dreaded camp - thank you for an amazing week! My boys had the time of their lives and are counting down to when they can do it again. Unbelievable! Thank you!


Karen Steinberg, Flag Football Parent, Needham: My son has truly enjoyed this program. He gets really excited each Monday afternoon in anticipation of playing flag football!!  This is also reflected in the fact that he joined this program not knowing anyone since we live in Needham.  You guys run wonderful programs for kids!!  Thank you!!


Bryanne Tartamella, Baseball Clinic Parent: My son Jack had an absolute BLAST at baseball! Thank you for coordinating this great program!


Neal Glick, Hometown Baseball Parent: My comment is that the program is terrific.  I think that the kids get something out of it and they enjoy themselves.  They keep moving, which is key.  My son is having fun.  It's as advertised-- almost like old fashioned pick-up baseball in the park.  Thanks.  


Shelly Griswold, Camper and Coach Parent: I love that Teddy did Terriers when he was younger and now can be a coach to others.  Thank you for having a program that fosters older kids mentoring the younger ones.